Golden time last week! I wonder what we shall do this week?


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Once a week every week we do something called golden time and golden time is one time in the week we’re we do something such as; extra playtime, watch a film and things like that but this week was special because my amazing teacher Mrs.Bower let us have an excellent treat for golden time and we did our first baking treat! We make chocolate cornflake bun some of the ingredients we used were: chocolate, cornflakes- the main part-, flour and much much more😻!!! Firstly, we got about 2-3 eggs and we cracked them into the bowl that we was using. After that we got the flour and poured some into so that the flour mixed in with the eggs. Next, we got given the most tasty part the CHOCOLATE 🍫 and placed it into the bowl and then we grabbed a hudge spoon to mix the ingredients with then after about 3-5 mins the mixing part had finished and we put the declious, devine cornflakes in and after we did that we mixed the chocolate and the cornflakes together so at least all the cornflakes had chocolate on. Once we had finished that job we had to wait for them to set and whilst you waited you could do everything you wanted on the iPads but Mrs.Bower asked if enyone from our table wanted to lick the bowl with all of the chocolate bits left and me and Sophie asked and we started to lick the bowl and the chocolate was so yummy because it was melted so when it came to eat the cornflakes it would have an awesome flavour. After half way of licking the bowl Sophie left to go on a iPad and it was almost 15 mins later I had cleaned the bowl with only a couple of scrapes of chocolate because I loved it so much! At dinner time we could eat our buns I took one bite and I was amazed by the fact of how tasty it was and I hope that in year 6 we can do something as fun as this again!

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