Well Done Falcons! Such a fantastic dance performance!


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On Thursday last week we did a Varjak Paw dance to represent our topic and we had practiced this dance for about 9 weeks and when the day came to preform our dance we did very well because the parents that had came to watch we stunned and impressed. How the dance worked we was split into four classes because the year 5 joined in as well as the other year 6 class and we had 4 different dances to learn our class was group one and our part of the story for our dance was when Varjak climbed the ancient, stone brick wall so saw the outside world for the very first time our group dance was the longest out of all of the other 3 groups. I hope our parents liked all of our dances and I also hope that we could do a dance for our next topic after Christmas world war 1!

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